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ok. aku buka perbincangan mengenai KONSEP 1MALAYSIA.

When will Malaysia be able to achieve "1 Malaysia"? When will all the discrimination end?

The title says it all... but I'll elaborate more... I just joined a few minutes ago and I'm excited that I can voice out my opinion to a wide group of people for the first time... I hope at least a few people will get something from my post... So, here is what I have to say.
I have no idea how long ago this "Satu Malaysia" concept was created for Malaysians.. One Malaysia means Malaysians regardless of race, religion, age, skin colour and so forth, we are united, we are one. But even to this year, 2011, even with my eyes closed I can still hear racism, discrimination of religion. Why? I'm not saying every Malaysian is like that. There are many citizens with the "Malaysian attitude" but it dissapoints me to say that even so, millions of people still do not have it. I'm 14 years old. I admit I'm young and when I voice out my opinions to people around me, they don't pay much attention but I can't sit down and shut up about this thing. I hate going to school, going shopping and practically just going out and seeing people treat a certain race or religion differently. It sickens me to the pit of my stomach. I don't understand this. If someone could give me a clear explanation why do people discriminate others? Are we not equal human beings with equal rights? and do you know what's worse? When adults are like that, most of them will pass it down to their children and the chance is that they will follow in their parent's footsteps. THE CYCLE WILL NEVER END if something isn't done. I come from a small city, so even though there is racism here, I thank god that people here do not break into fights at random. I hope they never will but I hope more for this discrimination thing to end. I hope the few people that read this will give suggestions on how to move our country a step closer to reach "1 Malaysia".
Yours sincerely,

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Aku sangat suka dengan soalan ni. Satu soalan yang memang sepatutnya diperbincangkan. Apa yang memeranjatkan ialah ianya ditanya oleh seseorang yang baru berumur 14 tahun ataupun sekarang berada dalam tingkatan dua. Mungkin kita akan berkata, "Ahhh, budak-budak. Ape yang dia tahu pun. Nak menyibuk hal orang dewasa buat apa". Mungkin. Mungkin kita akan memperlekehkan budak ini kerana usianya yang muda. Kerana dia tidak sebangsa dengan kita. Atau kerana tidak seagama. Bagi aku usia tidak menentukan tahap kematangan dan oleh sebab soalan dia banyak bersangkut paut dengan bangsa Malaysia jadi bab bangsa dan agama tidak perlu dipersoalkan.

Antara jawapan dan respon yang aku suka ialah;

jawapan 1
Dear Malaysians, have you guys noticed that most of the time, only the non-bumi and non-malays voiced out such racism and social injustice? It's because they are mostly the victims of it. 

I'm Chinese. and I don't hate anyone based on their skin colour and religion. Most of my friend are Malays btw. however, I noticed that too many in Malaysia practice such acts and retarded mentality.

it doesn't matter what the government is doing. whether 1 Malaysia, bangsa malaysia or whatever. Don't mind them. Because the problem and solution lies inside each and everyone of us.

What we need to do is
1. to realize that we are all human. whether you believe in god or not, which god you believe in, we are actually the same species.

2. Be mature and conscious of what other people is trying to influence you to think and behave. Many politician and close-minded people and teachings try and trying again and again to influence you guys to hate each other and to cause fights and war. don't be a fool my friends.

3. accept people as who they are. we have different practices and beliefs, some of them may not be right in yours, but accept them because it's not wrong for others. For example, the way people dress. Chinese girls normally wear short-sleeve t-shirts. It is not because they don't want to protect their dignity etc. but this is how they dress all the time and it is actually not over exposed. In certain University, some of the students under Islamic courses have been trying to influence the Ministry of Higher Education and also the university itself to enforce such law that force these Chinese girls to wear baju kurung in campus. This is not fair and these people are not accepting people as who they are. But they are forcing people to become who they are. It's just wrong at the very heart of it.

4. A message to educators/parents. Don't spread racism and discrimination to the younger and other generations. Your are supposed to educate people to become a better person. For example, there was one university that previously almost opened for the non-muslims. but the educators/lecturers persuade the students to riot about such issue and finally that university maintained its policy where only muslims are allowed.

5. As what point 3 said. don't force people to practice your way of living. accept people as who they are. There had been a lot of cases where friends again and again influence people to convert into their religion. This is wrong. as one of the Law in malaysia proposed, we cannot spread other religion to the Muslims and Malaysians are free to practise any religion they prefer. So don't force people to convert to any religion, whether you do this by using traditional black magic, hypnosis, forced continuous exposed, marriage etc.

jawapan 2
for me i guess,language is the main wall that block unity among malaysians..different language cause people to tend to be with groups that they can speak with the same language n at the same time,cause misunderstanding among races in malaysia, besides,there still some young generations of malaysia that tend to follow their elders in giving negative perceptions on other races..for me,it's us,the Y generation of malaysia that should change the ways our elders used to be,stop giving negative perception on other races..for me,matters like "ketuanan melayu" are just bullshit..n the government should try implement the learning of other languages like tamil n mandarin in school since primary school..  

jawapan 3
the best way to achieve 1malaysia is mix marriage.. trust me =)

reply: mix marriage especially with Muslim forces others to convert. This is another way of not accepting people as who they are. instead you are trying to eliminate other people & create a nation with 1 religion and 1 culture. which is RACISM and discrimination.
respon: 1 religion, not exactly... 1 culture yessss... when u gonna unite two personel for a long term, u need to make sure that both of them has the same way of thinking..and ur point; racism and discrimination is absolutely wrong.. u r chinese, and when u get married to a malay... perhaps, u might need to convert ur religion.. but not ur race.. so, wheres does racism comes in.. u still remain as chinese muslim..
in future, ur kid who is a mixture of both chinese and malay, will definitely not be a racist.. simply becoz, he knows and respects the culture of all races.. this is how mix marriage play part..if u r so devastated not to convert to other religion, then fine, get a girl of ur own religion.. fyi: no religions forces anyone to convert.. even in islam, u convert willingly by ur own will..u dont convert jus becoz u wanna get married..

pandangan aku
Konsep 1Malaysia hanyalah satu ideologi yang dibawa oleh pemimpin yang baru naik. dengan mengambil contoh semasa pemerintahan Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, konsep Islam Hadhari diperkenalkan. Dan sekarang konsep yang dibawa oleh beliau hampir dilupakan dengan munculnya konsep 1Malaysia ni. Apa yang dibawa oleh Dato Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak (PM sekarang) cumalah satu konsep perpaduan yang mempunyai nama tersendiri. Dan tidak mustahil konsep ini akan dilupakan menjelang naiknya pemimpin yang baru menggantikan beliau.
Isu perkauman adalah bepunca dari mentaliti sebenarnya. Bila hilang rasa hormat dalam diri, itulah yang akan membawa kepada perkara seperti menghina kaum lain. Selain itu, jangan biarkan diri anda terjebak dengan isu perkauman yang sekarang begitu panas dimainkan oleh parti politik. Tanamkan rasa hormat dalam setiap individu terhadap kaum-kaum lain, pasti suatu masa nanti perpaduan akan diperolehi tanpa perlu mengenalkan mana-mana konsep lagi.
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